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Stainless Steel Charcoal Grills

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Wholesale BBQ Manufacturing in Turkey

We are manufacturing stainless steel barbecue models. There are both standard and special models and dimensions we made. Our BBQs burn charcoal, and you can clean them easily. The charcoal pool inside the product can be extracted and spill ashes.

We can produce specific models of BBQ in our factory for example, countertops with wheels and foldable stainless steel BBQs. Do you want a single model or a lot of models in one order? We produce together a lot of models in one order.

Turkiye (formerly Turkey) is the most effective producing center in the world. Quality, reasonable prices, and shipping facilities are our priorities. Our country is in the middle of the world; in this way, shipping costs are reasonable compared to Asia countries.

Private Label BBQ Manufacturing for Amazon, Ebay, etc.

You may want to sell private-label products in your country. Our barbecue models are appropriate for private-label manufacturing. We do laser marking the private-label products. If you want to get a special price for BBQ, contact us.

If our customer sells our standard models in his country as private-label, we don’t sell to other people in that country. We sell only that person in that country. There are some our customers who sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Aliexpress. We produce special BBQs to them and export to his country.

304 Grade Stainless Steel Barbecue

304-grade stainless steel is used in widespread areas, especially in kitchens. Other stainless steel or iron steels can be rusted outdoors. 304 is durable in water, humidity, and others. Thanks to 304-grade stainless steel, you stand the barbecue outdoors all year.

BBQ grates are not stainless steel because meats stick to the stainless steel grills. For this reason, we don’t use stainless steel in the grate. Besides, the charcoal pool consists of iron sheets because charcoal heating causes deformity to the stainless steel.

BBQ with Wheels

Type of wheels BBQs are big and gaudy. These models have four wheels and can be moved. The wheels are high quality and durable and 2 of them have brakes. In this way, you can place in your garden and guests are amazed your BBQ.

Countertop BBQ Manufacturing

Special production BBQs. 304-grade stainless steel models of barbecue. Foldable and Casters BBQs.