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Commercial Gas Range Features

  • Cast iron grates: This commercial gas range have 2 cast iron grates. Thanks to these grates, you can use a big food boiler on the stove.
  • For industry and catering: Our company especially manufactures equipment for industry and catering companies. Catering companies want more durability, usability, and heavy-duty products. We produce heavy-duty commercial stoves.
  • 304 Stainless Steel: This burner has two casting grates and burners. Excluding these, it has completely 304-grade stainless steel. 304-grade stainless steel is necessary for catering equipment because it protects better than 430 and 201 grades across the corrosion.
  • Heavy duty: It is good if commercial equipment is durable for heavy duty. If the same equipment has both durable and functional, it is perfect. We strive for the perfect.
  • Dual 2 burners: There are two burners in the gas range. At the same time, both burners have two sizes, middle and big burner.

Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

The cookers are produced by being compatible with natural gas or liquid propane. We are producing these gas ranges according to our customers requirement for gas type(LPG or NG). Please select power type which do you prefer during purchasing process.

Cookers using liquid propane(LPG) are cooking the foods but it’s flame will probably sooty. Likewise, the cookers using natural gas(NG) are cooking too, it’s flame is sooty too just like LPG cookers. Therefore LPG gas ranges should use the LPG and NG gas range should use the NG too.

Wholesale Gas Stove Ranges Manufacturing

Wholesale Commercial Stove Manufacturing Turkey

We are manufacturing commercial cookers/stoves in Turkey. These cookers are produced properly to natural gas or liquid propane according to customer wants. Before sell an cooker, select power type. Commercial gas range has durable for heavy duty because we are using stainless steel. These cookers are able used in catering factories, commercial kitchens, hospitals, restaurants.

Please contact us if you want to have a special type of cooker made for us.


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