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Wholesale Enclosed Sink Table Manufacturing Turkey

In Turkey, We are manufacturing enclosed sink tables with hinged doors. These tables are entirely 304-grade stainless steel. Our sink tables are made of Turkish industry quality for heavy duty.

Turkish products have more quality than other Asia countries because the Turkish market demands heavy-duty products. Asian countries, for example, China and India, use low-quality stainless steel(430 and 201). Even some firms use iron steel.

Fully 304 Grade Hinged Doors Sink Table

Stainless steels have some quality forms. Most used 201 and 430 steels are not quality. Because 201 and 430 types of stainless steel rust for a few years. Therefore we use only 300 series stainless steel, for example, 304, 304L, and 316.

304 stainless steel sink table has more durable for moisture and water. Sink tables are used with water and detergent because you have to select 304 ss sink tables.

Welded Assembled Sink Table with Hinged Doors

Welded assembled sink tables have more durability than disassembled products. Because disassembled sink tables break off with joint points. We suggest our customers who want a quality product select welded assembled sink tables.

Special Dimension Manufacturing

Because we are a manufacturer, produce any dimensions sink table to your demands. For detailed information, please get in touch with us.

Weight60 kg
Dimensions140 × 70 × 85 cm
Work Table Dimensions

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