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Heavy Duty Garden BBQ

We manufacture barbecue models from thick stainless steel sheets. Thanks to thick stainless steel, barbecue models are more durable and long-lasting. The 4 wheels at the bottom are industrial-type and durable. 2 of these wheels have a brake system. You can turn the brakes to the off position to stabilize the barbecue. Thanks to the brake, you can position it even on inclined areas.

The legs consist of a 304 quality stainless steel profile with dimensions of 25×25 mm and 1.2 mm thickness. There is a base shelf at the bottom. You can put your equipment, such as pots and plates, on the base shelf. The base shelf is made of 1.2 mm thick 304-quality stainless steel material. There is a charcoal pool inside the barbecue. This basin can be easily removed when cooking is finished. There are air holes on the sides of the pool. Thanks to these air holes, the coals burn better.

No Corrosion with 304 Stainless Steel

Stainless steels are generally resistant to corrosion, but some types are more durable. The stainless steel that should be used in outdoor environments and kitchens is 304 quality stainless steel. 304-quality stainless steel material can stand outdoors for many years. You can wash it with dishwashing detergents. The steel pots you use at home and these barbecue models are the same type of steel.

Foldable Side Tables

This barbecue model has foldable stands on both sides. Thanks to the stainless steel hinge, it can be closed when not desired. In this way, it does not take up much space. These stands are attached to the body with bolts, and the bolts can be removed whenever desired. The coffee tables and hinges are made entirely of 304 quality stainless steel.

Extractable Charcoal Pool

There is also a charcoal pool inside the barbecue. This coal pool is made of 1.5 mm thick st37 steel. St37 steel is a fire-resistant material. There are air holes on the sides of the pool. Thanks to the air holes, coal burns better, and cooking efficiency increases. You can remove this coal pool whenever you want. After removing the charcoal pool and grates, you can wash the body, just like washing a pot or a car.

Industrial Type Wheels with Brakes

Industrial type wheels are suitable for heavy use conditions. We use industrial wheels to use the barbecue comfortably in the garden and other outdoor environments. 2 of the industrial wheels have brakes and 360° movement capability. Wheel forks are manufactured from stainless steel or galvanized sheet according to customer request. You can tell me the wheel fork type before order.

Wholesale Big BBQ Manufacturing

Our company is located and produces in Turkey. We manufacture industrial kitchen products and barbecue barbecue models. We produce both retail and wholesale. We mainly produce for the Turkish domestic market and the European market. The stainless steel we use in production is 304 quality stainless steel as standard.

Our barbecue production is divided into wholesale and retail production. The prices on this website are retail barbecue sales prices. Wholesale barbecue prices are more affordable depending on the order quantity and barbecue sizes. You can contact us for wholesale barbecue production at special prices.

Two Different Grill Types: Groove and Grate

As you can see in the product photos, there are two different grill types. If you want, you can use both grills together. This way you can buy both slotted and regular grill.

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Weight45 kg
Dimensions120 × 55 × 85 cm


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