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Lifting BBQ Manufacturing in Turkey

We are manufacturing stainless steel lifting BBQs in Turkey. Our BBQ models are premiums. There are standard and special dimensions according you want. We produce elevator barbecues in Turkey. We have wholesale and retail production, depending on the number of orders. These barbecues cook using charcoal. Elevator barbecue models are known as Santa Marina or Argentine barbecue. Thanks to the elevator system, the grill height can be adjusted. Once the coals are ignited, you can lift the grill up.

Stainless Steel Argentinian BBQ

Our Argentinian barbecue models are made of 304 quality stainless steel sheets. Thanks to stainless steel, you can use it in the garden. You just need to protect the grate and coal pool from rain. The body and elevator equipment are stainless. Coals burn in the coal pool. Stainless steel is not used in the coal pool because the coal temperature will distort the shape of the stainless steel material. Grate sticks are also prone to meat sticking when heated. Grate sticks are made of transmission material to prevent the meat from sticking. Apart from these, it is completely stainless.

It is possible to cook fish, meatballs, smoked meats, and all kinds of meat you can think of in Argentine barbecues. Burning coals under the grill ensures that your meat is cooked deliciously. You can adjust the grill height so the coals do not flare up and ignite your meat. You can move the grid up and down as you wish. You can use the elevator lock in the position you want to fix the grate.


Weight40 kg
Dimensions68 × 58 × 70 cm


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